Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a child to my account?

When you first log in to your account, you will be taken directly to the Add Patient screen where you’ll add a patient. You need to add a patient to your account, even if you are the patient.

To add another patient, go to Account > Add a Patient. You’ll need either a token or the patient’s medical record number (MRN).

  • A token is a 10-digit code you may have received when scheduling an appointment or during a visit.
  • The medical record number (MRN) consists of 6 or 7 numbers. Each patient at Boston Children’s has a medical record number. You may be able to find this number on forms or bills.

If you have a token

  • Choose whether you are adding your child or yourself to the account
  • Enter the token number and the patient’s date of birth. Then select .

If you have the patient’s MRN

  • Choose whether you are adding your child or yourself to the account.
  • Enter the required information. Then select .

Please allow up to one business day for approval.

How do I switch between children?
To switch between patients in your account, simply select the pink bar with the patient’s name near the top of the page.
How do I switch the language in the portal to Spanish?
Some portal content is now available in Spanish. To switch to Spanish on a mobile device, select your name from the very bottom of the menu. To switch to Spanish on a computer, select your name located at the top right corner of the portal.
How do I update personal data?
  • To update your password or security question, go to Account.
  • To update your login email address, go to Account > Change Email.
  • To update your address phone number, contact email address, or emergency contact information go to Account > My Contact Information.
  • To upload a patient ID photo, go to Account > Patient Photo Upload, then follow the instructions.
  • To update your insurance information, go to Billing > Insurance Summary. We review all insurance changes.
  • To make a name change or update the patient's sex, call Medical Records at 617-355-7544.
  • To update your primary care physician’s information, contact your department. To be directed to the department, call the Boston Children’s Hospital main line at 617-355-6000 or go to Centers List of Departments, Departments & Divisions List of Departments, or Programs List of Departments
How do I share photos and other files with my doctor?
You should use Medical Messages to share photos and other files with your doctor. See detailed instructions in Messages FAQs.
What are the technical requirements for using the portal?
    To use the portal, you will need:
  • your own email address that you check regularly
  • the most recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
  • the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
How can I be sure to receive MyChildren’s emails?
To ensure that emails are not sent to your junk/spam email folder, add and to your email browser’s safe list or address book.

For help with the portal, call Digital Health Customer Service at 617-919-4396 Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m to 4 p.m.