Boston Children's Hospital

A. Reservation Request Information
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* Date of Check-in: Pop Calendar * Date of Check-out: Pop Calendar
  Applications without a check-out date cannot be processed.
Special needs or considerations for stay: (i.e. home care needs, wheelchair access, pack 'n play, etc.)
Social Worker/Case Manager/Referred by: (if applicable)

B. Patient Information
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* Gender: Male  Female  Unknown * Date of Birth (or Due Date): Pop Calendar
* Street Address: Primary Language:
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C. Medical Information
In-Patient - Admission Date(s):

Out-Patient - Appointment Date(s):
Medical Record Number:
Treating Department: (i.e. Cardiology, Allergy, etc.)

D. Guest Information: Please include all guests that will be staying. Please list patient if they will be staying in house.
We offer one room per family. Rooms accommodate 1-4 people depending on size.
No more than 4 people per room, including the patient.
Guest Name Relationship to Patient Age (list if under 18)
* I acknowledge that no more than 4 people will be staying in the room.

E. Who should we contact regarding this reservation?
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