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History of the Conference

Our first conference was held in May 2001 and was possible because of the generosity of Harriet Needleman's family and friends. Because of their ongoing support, this annual one-day conference with nationally recognized guest speakers, has remained affordable for area teachers and therapists.

Year Speaker and Topic
2016 Evidence-Based Language and Communication Interventions for Children with ASD and Down Syndrome
Paul Yoder, PhD, CCC-SLP
2015 Going Deep: Vocabulary Instruction for AAC Learners
Carole Zangari, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Gloria Soto, Ph.D.
2014 Practical Strategies to Improve Reading and Language Skills in Children from Pre-K through High School
Karole Howland, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
2013 Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Multi-Sensory Approach to Achieving Speech Outcomes
David W. Hammer, M.A., CCC-SLP
2012 Pediatric Swallowing & Feeding: Simple to Complex, Let's Figure it Out
Joan C. Arvedson, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S
2011 Being Relevant to the Language/Literacy Learning Needs of School-Age Students with Diverse Abilities
Nickola Wolf Nelson, PhD, CCC-SLP
2010 Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children Who Have Complex Communication Needs - Introduction to PODD Communication Books
Linda J. Burkhart, MEd
2009 Evidence-based Practices for Addressing Communication Disorders in Children with ASD
Rhea Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP
2008 New Insights to Phonological Assessment and Treatment of Children
Judith A. Gierut, PhD, CCC-SLP
2007 Evidence Based Treatment of Stuttering In Preschool and School Age Children
Barry Guitar, PhD, CCC-SLP
2006 The Role of the SLP in Creating Proficient and Fluent Readers
Alan Kamhi, PhD, CCC-SLP
2005 Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Early Identification to Early Intervention
Amy Wetherby, PhD, CCC-SLP
2004 Feeding the Whole Child: A Mealtime Approach
Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD, CCC-SLP
2003 Facilitating Decoding, Reading Fluency, and Spelling: Using Research and Theory as a Guide
Kenn Apel, PhD, CCC-SLP
2002 Management of Developmental Verbal Apraxia of Speech
Edythe Strand, PhD, CCC-SLP
2001 Literacy for All: Beyond Decoding for Students with Dyslexia, LLD, ASD and ADHD
Carol Westby, PhD CCC-SLP