Multimedia Player Library

Download the software provided below to view the multimedia files on this site.

Meditron  Meditron
This proprietary software is for PC users only. It enhances phonocardiogram wav files by combining an animated electrocardiogram with audio heart sounds. Follow these easy steps to view enhanced phonocardiogram wav files:
  1. Download Meditron player application to your computer.
  2. Download all desired phonocardiogram wav files to your desktop by right clicking your mouse and choosing "Save Target As.."
  3. Launch the Meditron application. In Meditron open the downloaded phonocardiogram wav files.
QuickTime QuickTime Player
View and listen to video and audio files online. Visit the QuickTime web site to download the latest player.
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
View, print, and search PDF files. Visit the Adobe web site to download Adobe Reader.