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 BCRP Welcomes New Intern Class
The Boston Combined Residency Program welcomes 42 new pediatric and 4 med-peds members of what promises to be one of the best classes in its history. The new interns come from 22 states and 12 countries, went to 34 different colleges and 26 different medical schools. They majored in nearly 30 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, liberal arts, history, social studies, anthropology, English, Spanish, evolution and ecology, health policy, teacher training, economics, business, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science, chemistry and mathematics. Fourteen are PhDs o.r have PhD-like research experience, and five hold an MPH. MBA or other Masters degree. Three each of the new interns graduated from Harvard, Boston University, Pennsylvania, Texas Southwestern, and Yale medical schools. Two each came from Baylor, Case Western, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Washington University in St Louis. Several schools, including SUNY Buffalo, Commonwealth, Mayo, USC and South Dakota are new or relatively new to the BCRP Read More...

 What's Special About BCRP
 BCRP Resident Runs to Aid Injured in Boston
Junior resident Natalie Stavas was running her fourth Boston Marathon, despite a broken left foot incurred during training, because she felt an obligation to her charity, Boston Medical Center Pediatrics. As a consequence she was running about 45 minutes slower than her personal best of 3:24 and was just completing mile 26 when the explosions near the finish line propelled her into action. Her heroic actions as one of the first responders are detailed in stories and videos here and here.

 Boston Children's Hospital Top Ranked by
U.S. News & World Report in 2013-2014

Boston Children's Hospital ranked #1 in 7 of 10 evaluated specialties in the latest US News & World Report's "Best Children's Hospitals", which is more top rankings than any other pediatric hospital. Equally important, the hospital topped all other pediatric institutions in the key ranking-reputation among referring specialists. Boston Children's was #1 in six of the 10 specialties in this metric and in the top three for all evaluated specialties. Read more (here).

 Fetal Hemoglobin Switch
As a medical student, senior resident Vijay Sankaran discovered a gene, BCL11A, that controls the fetal to adult hemoglobin switch and offers new ways to potentially treat sickle cell disease and thalassemia. Vijay has continued to make major research breakthroughs during residency. Read more´┐Ż
 Children's Resident Takes Lead in Developing New SCAMPS Cost-Cutting Program
Michael Farias, a 2013 graduate of the BCRP, recently published an important article in Health Affairs on an innovative new technique, called Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plans (SCAMPS), that improves on clinical practice guidelines by accommodating differences in treatment required for different patients. Since 2009, under under the direction of Michael and his collaborators more than 12,000 patients have been enrolled in forty-nine SCAMPs in nine states and Washington, D.C. with an 11-51 percent decrease in total medical expenses for six test conditions. The project was recently featured in the Boston Globe.
 Natalie Stavas and Dan Parry Fight Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Natalie Stavas and Dan Parry are passionate about fighting childhood obesity. They are shown here at the Massachusetts State House, rallying pediatricians to support House Bill 1697, as part of their state-wide campaign to decrease the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and reduce obesity. The bill would revoke the sales tax exception that currently exists for soda in Massachusetts. In addition, they led the distribution of "No Sugary Drinks" prescriptions pads to physicians across the state. Their efforts have received media coverage from the Boston Globe and the recognition of many policymakers in the Commonwealth.

To read more click here.

 Alexandra Vinograd's Experience at Butaro
Alexandra is a 2011 Med-Peds graduate who is currently working at the Butaro Hospital in Rwanda with Paul Farmer`s program, Partners in Health. Her pediatric experiences there are detailed in this inspiring and emotionally affecting video produced by Time Magazine.
 Residents as Innovators
Two residents, Eli Sprecher and Natalie Stavas, have created a smartphone application that makes it easy for providers, at the point of care, to screen patients for their psychosocial needs, find local resources, and reliably send those resources to their patients or their families via text message or e-mail. Read more about this and other resident innovation initiatives´┐Ż
 Residents Present Research at Pediatric Academic Societies
Sixteen current and recent BCRP houseofficers submitted 18 abstracts of their research to the joint spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies and Asian Society of Pediatric Research in Washington, DC, May 4 to May 7, 2013. In addition, faculty member William T. Pu won the E. Mead Johnson Award, the most prestigious pediatric research award, and William Harmon received the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology Founder's Awards for a lifetime of service.

The abstracts included (residents names in boldface):

 BCRP physician-gentlemen participate in 2013 Beef Fest and Mustache-Beard Contest
On May 28, 2013 Dr. Christopher Yuskaitis downed an impressive 4 pounds of steak to win the annual BCRP Beef Fest. Dr. Yu-steak-aitis trained extensively for this proud moment, thanking parents, friends, family, colleagues and his wife for their support during the often-times trying and rigorous 6 months of intensive preparation. Read more...

2014 BCRP Brochure
Download a pdf (8 MB) document containing all the material on this website.
 What's Special About the BCRP
Top 12 List
 Interns Set Record for Most Parties
BCRP residents party as hard as they work, as shown in the attached photo gallery, which acknowledges several recent classes. The 2012-13 intern class got together for a party or other activity almost every week through- out the past year, the most of any class in memory.

Boston Children's Hospital Around the World
International Health efforts of Children's faculty are detailed here.
 Ted Sectish
Talks with The Daily Beast about part-time residencies and the options for flexibility in training in the BCRP.
 Stem Cell Program
Children's Hospital Boston has the world's leading research in stem cell biology, which is detailed in a beautiful new website.
 Gene Therapy
A team of Children's hematologists and immunologists have successfully treated a boy with X-linked SCID using a new gene therapy technique.

Youth Advocacy
Boston Medical Center has achieved national leadership with programs like Reach Out and Read, Child Witness to Violence, the Boston Center for Refuge Health and Human Rights, and the Medical-Legal Partnership for Children.
 Who's New
Friedhelm Hildebrandt, MD
Dr Friedhelm Hildebrandt, a distinguished clinician and HHMI Investigator, has recently joined the Boston Children's Hospital staff as the new Chief of Nephrology Read more...

Dan Schumacher, MD, MEd
Dan Schumacher joins the BCRP as an Associate Program Director and a member of the emergency medicine staff at Boston Medical Center. Read more...

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